Recording Formats

This document contains:

  • Record of Transport, which should be completed for every consignment of regulated transgenic plant material.
  • Record of Storage, which should be completed for each lot of regulated plant material/seed placed into storage and each Record of Storage should be identified with a unique inventory control number.
  • Record of Storage Inspection, which should be completed once every four weeks by the Facility in-Charge to ensure that storage conditions are maintained so that unintended release of regulated transgenic plant material do not occur.
  • Record of Planting, which should be completed to document the planting of all regulated plant material at a field trial site.
  • Record of Spatial Isolation, which should be used to record every inspection, including removal or plants as may be necessary.
  • Record of Harvest / Termination, which should be completed following harvest or termination of confined field trials and disposition of regulated plant material at a single trial site.
  • Record of Post-Harvest Monitoring, because trial sites should be inspected for the presence of prohibited plants at least once every two weeks during the growing season for the one year post harvest period.
  • Record of Corrective Action, which should be used to document all corrective actions taken to manage or resolve a solution involving the accidental release of regulated plant material during transport and/or storage or any breach of the terms and conditions of authorization of the confined field trial or during the post-harvest monitoring period.



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