Strengthening compliance and moving agricultural biotechnology forward in Bangladesh

Modern biotechnology offers powerful tools for improving agricultural productivity, environmental sustainability, and nutritional quality of foods. New crop varieties developed using biotechnology are cultivated by millions of large and small farmers in both industrial and developing countries. This website serves as a resource to strengthen compliance with the regulatory framework and also to effectively facilitate research and development of agricultural biotechnology activities in Bangladesh through the regulatory process for the benefit of farmers and societies.


User's Guide to Biosafety Regulatory Process for GE Plants in Bangladesh is an informational resource for applicants and other stakeholders interested in understanding the regulatory processes associated with biosafety regulation in Bangladesh. It addresses applications for confined field trials, renewal applications for confined field trials, applications for environmental release for cultivation, importations for use in food, feed and processing, or importations for release into the environment.

The South Asia Biosafety Program designed Frequently Asked Questions: Genetically Engineered Plants and Biosafety to address some of the questions the general public may have about the safety of GE Plants, with explanations in easy and understandable language.

Explore this site for biosafety information, regulatory guidelines and general biosafety resources. Make sure to visit frequently to see the latest material posted on this portal.

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