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Principles for the Risk Analysis of Foods Derived from Modern Biotechnology, 2003

The purpose of these Principles is to provide a framework for undertaking risk analysis on the safety and nutritional aspects of foods derived from modern biotechnology. This document does not address environmental, ethical, moral and socio-economic aspects of the research, development, production and marketing of these foods. Attachments: Principles_for_the_Risk_Analysis_of_Foods_Derived_from_Modern_Biotechnology_2003

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Consensus Document on Molecular Characterisation Of Plants Derived from Modern Biotechnology

Molecular characterisation is one component of the science-based multi-disciplinary approach used in food, feed and environmental risk/safety assessment of plants derived from modern biotechnology. The molecular characterisation of these plants is used to gain an understanding of the genetic material introduced and expressed in them. The purpose of this document is to explain the scientific…

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