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Biology of Carica papaya (Papaya)

Papaya (Carica papaya) is a fruit crop that is grown both commercially as well as in the kitchen garden of many households all over India. Ripe papaya is a favorite fruit all over India. It is used to make fruit salads, refreshing drinks, jam, jelly, and candies. Green fruits are cooked as vegetable and are also used in the preparation…

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Biology of Carica papaya L. (Papaya, Papaw, Paw paw)

This document describes the biology of Carica papaya L. with particular reference to the Australian environment, cultivation and use. Information included relates to the taxonomy and origins of cultivated C. papaya, general descriptions of its morphology, reproductive biology, biochemistry, and biotic and abiotic interactions. This document also addresses the potential for gene transfer to occur to closely related…

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Consensus Document on the Biology of Papaya (Carica papaya)

Papaya, Carica papaya L., is an almost herbaceous (succulently soft-wooded), typically unbranched small tree in the family Caricaceae. Europeans first encountered papaya in the Western Hemisphere tropics by at least the early 1500s (Sauer, 1966), and various interests were soon disseminating it widely (Ferrão, 1992). Papaya is now cultivated worldwide in tropical and subtropical climates mainly for its melon-like fruit.…

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