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Biology of Oryza sativa L. (Rice)

Rice (Oryza sativa L.) is a plant belonging to the family of grasses, Gramineae (Poaceae). It is one of the three major food crops of the world and forms the staple diet of about half of the world’s population. The global production of rice has been estimated to be at the level of 650 million tones and the…

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Biology and Ecology of Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

This document addresses the biology and ecology of the species Oryza sativa L. (cultivated rice). Information included relates to the taxonomy, genetics and origins of cultivated rice, general descriptions of its morphology, development, reproductive biology, pests and diseases, toxicity, allergenicity and its general ecology. This document also addresses the potential for gene transfer to occur to closely…

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Consensus Document on the Biology of Oryza sativa

Rice is grown worldwide and is a staple food for about a half of the world’s population. It is a nutritious grain crop which contains carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, minerals, etc. Rice straw is an important animal feed in many countries. Attachments:  Biology_of_Rice

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